Crimes that are characterized as “white-collar” are those non-violent crimes that are financial in nature and usually alleged to have been committed by business professionals and/or government officials. If you or your company is under criminal investigation or you have been formally accused of a white-collar crime, it is important to recognize that much can be at stake, including any professional license you may hold, your assets, and even your liberty. The Cortez Law Firm has extensive experience in the defense of a wide range of white- collar crimes from federal tax fraud cases to insurance fraud, bribery/extortion, and campaign election code violations. (NOTE: add a link to T.J. Connolly case articles?) As a former state and federal prosecutor with an accounting background who has also practiced with a large civil firm, Adam Cortez has a broader perspective than lawyers whose practices are limited to more general less specialized criminal matters. Adam Cortez is a unique criminal lawyer because he can understand the complexities of your case and develop an effective strategy for your defense. Adam Cortez also has a proven record of success in drafting winning pre-trial motions as well as in the trial of cases. No corporate executive or business owner wishes to ever deal with a criminal matter, but when you or business is faced with a criminal investigation or criminal charge you need a lawyer with the broad experience that Adam Cortez possesses.

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